Impacto Juventud is a non-profit 
organization that promotes citizen 
participation and youth politics 
from a decolonial, feminist 
and anti-racist perspective.



Impacto Juventud programming aims to engage young people, from 15 to 25 years old, in the movement for social change in Puerto Rico. With a focus on mental health as a key ingredient for building and sustaining community-based movements, IJ regularly facilitates conversations on topics that advance health justice.

Aula sin Paredes

Aula sin Paredes is an educational tutoring project that aims to fill the resource gaps experienced by children living in rural and underserved communities in Puerto Rico. Aula builds on the interests of the kids, actively creating spaces of empowerment, growth, and healing.

Chiqui Impacto

Chiqui Impacto is a project dedicated to providing tools to parents, teachers, and other caregivers who promote the wellbeing of children from 0-10 years old. Chiqui provides entertainment and educational activities for children, and early childhood development resources for adults to utilize for the betterment of youth wellbeing in Puerto Rico.

How We Generate Impact