Born amidst the social, economic, and political crises in Puerto Rico, Impacto Juventud provides youth a platform to enhance their empowerment, sense of belonging, and political efficacy. As an organization, we hope to inspire youth and the communities they come from to believe that other futures are possible— futures that are healthier, happier, and more equitable.
Impacto Juventud provides programming on a number of challenging social issues, such as children’s rights, gender based violence, voting rights, natural disaster response, mental health, and environmental justice. We seek to activate and engage the next generation of change makers, whether that’s through tutoring, social media campaigns, political action, community events, or virtual workshops.

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Impacto Juventud

Impacto Juventud mobilizes youth to engage in political advocacy work, such as the time we traveled to San Juan to lobby Senators to pass legislation aimed at reducing child poverty in Puerto Rico.

Aula sin Paredes

Aula sin Paredes is an educational tutoring project that aims to fill the resource gaps experienced by children living in rural and underserved communities in Puerto Rico. 

Chiqui Impacto


Chiqui Impacto is a project dedicated to providing tools to parents, teachers, and other caregivers who promote the well-being of children from 0-to 10 years old.